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Renault PRO+ centres

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Built on three main principles
  1. The expertise of the sales & after-sales teams who have an extensive understanding of your trade
  2. A “one stop shop” for sales, funding & after-sales solutions, where all your needs are taken care of to keep you on the move.
  3. The business customer promise

Aftersales services

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Who better than Renault to take care of your Renault fleet?

Renault has a comprehensive range of aftersales services. From Renault Assistance, Bodyshops, Renault Minute, Van services... Keep your vehicles on the road.

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Service, Maintenance & Repair Contracts

Renault iCare

Renault iCare is available on the whole Renault range from new or on vehicles that have covered up to 12,000 miles and are less than 12 months old.

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Pay as you go!

How it works

Receive full maintenance cover that is charged on a simple ‘Pence per Mile’ basis. Only pay for whatever mileage you cover in any given month based on a pre-agreed fixed pence per mile charge.

All routine Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs are included (excluding damage, neglect or abuse) with the option to include all tyres (fair wear & tear only) for the life of the agreement.

Based on your vehicle mileage (or time if applicable) Renault iCare will:

  • Automatically co-ordinate your vehicle’s routine servicing and MOT through the Renault dealer network allowing you to concentrate on your business.
  • Manage the repairs required for any defects reported whether during or between any routine servicing and will ensure that all repairs are carried out fully by the Renault dealer network.
  • Maintain electronic copies of all service, maintenance and repair work carried out plus MOT documents to ensure the vehicle is compliant with legislation.

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