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Continue driving with confidence with Renault extended warranties.

Our extended warranties

Renault Extended warranties

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  • Focus on your business


Avoid unexpected expenses and travel with peace of mind anywhere in Europe with Renault Assistance, available 24/7.


  • Balance your budget


Pay for your extended warranty in monthly instalments with our financing offers. Enhance the resale value of your commercial vehicle with a transferable extension contract.


  • Choose quality


Enjoy comprehensive cover and service in the Renault network.

All models Duration Mileage Petrol and Diesel (excl VAT) E-Tech 100% electric  (excl VAT)
4 years 100,000 miles £667 £233
5 years 100,000 miles £875 £508
6 years 100,000 miles £1,042 £725
7 years 100,000 miles £1,225 £1,021


Maintenance plans

Our service contracts

In addition to our extended warranties, Renault offers various service contracts to spread out your costs. Pay for your offer in monthly instalments to avoid unexpected expenses while benefiting from our expertise in your commercial vehicle’s maintenance and repair.


Spare parts, accessories and more: Renault assists you in your day-to-day business. Discover our maintenance plans and packages, and choose what best suits you.

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