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Focus on your business with services created by Renault. From assistance to maintenance, including insurance, we have a solution for everything!

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Our extensive national coverage means you can benefit from various assistance and support services wherever you are.

Renault Business customers - maintenance


Keep your costs under control with all-inclusive coverage of your vehicle's routine maintenance. Everything is included in your lease payments, following the pre-set price. 
Our experts negotiate repairs and verify work performed, from replacing worn parts to repair costs. All that with absolutely nothing to pay upfront. 

Renault Business customers: services - assistance


Protect employee mobility in all situations with the assistance service included in your long-term contract hire.

Whether for breakdown, accident, fire, theft, puncture, key loss or breakage, we take care of the vehicle, the driver and the passengers anytime - day or night!
No matter what happens, we have a service tailored to the situation!

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