TRAFIC Combi exterior

Renault TRAFIC PassengerFrom £326 per month^

Design & convenience Boost your energy levels with TRAFIC Passenger

With seating for up to 9, the TRAFIC Passenger provides the ultimate vehicle for you to transport clients, employees or your family.  The long wheelbase versions allow you room for suitcases, tools or even the family dog.  In addition, the TRAFIC Passenger is equipped to move you and your passengers in style, whilst making your journey easier with a range of on-board technology.


Comfort and modular layout

Make your day-to-day life easier

TRAFIC Passenger exterior

In the city...

Backpacks are piling up on the rear bench, your glasses case often skids across the top of the dashboard, and your bag barely fits under the front seat...


Stop! Thanks to the TRAFIC Passenger, take advantage of a range of clever storage solutions and peacefully head into urban traffic while offering all your passengers optimum comfort.

TRAFIC Passenger exterior

... or on a great escape.

The time to go is now! Forget about those never-ending journeys crammed between another passenger and your luggage.


With its generous boot and spacious and modular interior, the TRAFIC Passengeri adapts to your needs and can accommodate up to 9 passengers, without sacrificing your boot space.


Drive with complete peace of mind!


Travel in the best possible comfort

TRAFIC Passenger exterior

On weekdays...

Traffic jams, tight manoeuvres, lack of time and space, etc. Driving in the city is often synonymous with stress and boredom.


Relax!  Thanks to the TRAFIC Passenger, ease your driving conditions and take advantage of equipment boasting cutting-edge technology to safely confront urban traffic and turn your commute into a calm and peaceful moment.

TRAFIC Passenger exterior

... or at weekends.

Taking off on a weekend in the countryside or a hike in the mountains? No problem!


Manage your route, control your speed or access your favourite apps... Your TRAFIC Passenger adapts to yourn plans and needs, so you can enjoy the innovative and connected equipment designed to make your journey easier. 


Choose the TRAFIC Passenger version that suits you best


No better time than right now!

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TRAFIC Passenger in detail

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