All-New TRAFIC - Engines

new engine

More power, lower fuel consumption!

  • All-New TRAFIC - New diesel engine

The Renault Trafic introduces a new 2.0l dCi diesel engine with variable geometry turbo compliant with Euro 6d-temp standards. Available from 120 to 170 hp, the 5th generation engine gives you more power (+ 25 hp) and more torque (+ 40 Nm).


You can enjoy a significantly improved driving experience and lower fuel consumption.

  • All-New TRAFIC - Extended Grip


Grip Xtend

Does life take you on some difficult roads? The innovative Grip Xtend technology comes standard on the New Trafic range. This traction control system offers optimal grip.


How does it work? When the driving wheels begin to skid, the system immediately recognises that grip is very low. Unlike a typical traction control system, it chooses not to reduce engine power. Instead, it allows the wheels to skid in order to remove the snow, mud or sand and thus regain grip and slowly pick up speed. As for you, you remain in control of the engine power via the accelerator pedal.  

  • All-New TRAFIC - Hill Start Assist


Hill-start assist

Pull away smoothly on hills with a slope of more than 10% thanks to the Hill Start Assist system.


How does it work? Your New TRAFIC is automatically held steady for two seconds, giving you time to engage the clutch and pull away safely. 



AdBlue® enables you to cut pollutant emissions dramatically without sacrificing your engine's performance. The 20-litre additive tank is easy to fill with rapid access to the cap in the fuelling area on the right of the driver's door. Simple and economical, you can also top up at your petrol station pump.

Stop & Start

Stop & Start

This system enables you to reduce your fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. The Stop & Start technology cuts your engine when stopped (traffic jam, red light, etc.) and restarts it automatically when you engage the clutch to start moving again.

technical specifications

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Crew Van

Crew Van

starting from £28,100 *
Panel Van

Panel Van

starting from £24,750 *

Official fuel consumption figures are produced for comparability purposes; only compare figures with vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. Actual real-world driving results may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, driving styles, vehicle load or any accessories fitted after registration. WLTP is a new test used for fuel consumption and CO2 figures, however the CO2 and fuel consumption figures are based on the outgoing NEDC test cycle which have been back-translated from WLTP to NEDC.  Performance and fuel consumption information is also dependant  on version and trim level.


*Basic price excluding VAT


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