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Our range of Renault PRO+ vans

Designed for carrying cargo

Carrying cargo - TRAFIC

Thoughtful innovation

Easy loading

With a class-leading loading length of 4.15m (using the load-through bulkhead under the passenger bench seat) and an effective load volume of up to 8.9m3 in the high-roof version, New Renault Trafic can transport all materials, tools and large or cumbersome objects!
The large sliding side door and the rear doors which can open up to 255° facilitate access to the loading area.

Transporting goods - Adaptation

Flexible Solutions

Transport equipment and your crew

The Kangoo Crew Van Cab can be converted from a 2 to 4-seater (5-seater for Z.E.) in no time at all thanks to the multi-positional bulkhead. You can easily adjust your loading area and the number of seats as needed.

Also available as 100% electric Kangoo E-Tech electric. with 2 to 5-seats.

Transporting goods - Extended crew cab

Large volume

Transporting goods

With the Renault Master enjoy load areas of up to 20m3 – ideal for logistics companies, removal companies, rental companies and any business customer who needs to load or unload large quantities of goods.

Also available in 100% electric version, benefiting from access to ULEZ, Government Grants and reduced running costs.


Which vehicle do I need?

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Height (mm) 1967 - 2498 2200 1129
Max payload (kg) 895 - 1166  848 - 2061  671- 794
Overall length 5080 - 5480 5075 - 6875 4282 - 4666
Overall width 1956 - 2283 2070 - 2470 1829 - 2138
Crew van versions Yes Available on L3H2 Yes
Electric version No Yes Yes


Discover the adapted traction available to you

Customise your vehicle for your use and select the traction solutions that will make your daily life easier.

The benefits of rear-wheel drive

Opt for rear-wheel drive when transporting large volumes and benefit from a larger loading and towing capacity with its reinforced rear axle. Its reinforced grip means you can tow up to 500 kg more and drive with peace of mind.

4-wheel drive

The 4x4 option lets you drive on any terrain and in any weather. With its 4-wheel drive and raised ground clearance, you can tackle wet slopes and slippery roads .Nothing stops you from transporting your cargo.

Hill Start Assist

With this assistance system, it has never been so easy to start on steep hills at 10% incline. Your vehicle automatically locks for 2 seconds, enabling you to press on the clutch and accelerate safely.

Renault electric

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Carry cargo while saving money thanks to our electric vehicles

Gamme électrique utilitaires


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